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Magazine Stand :: Cutleaf – November 2023

Cutleaf November 2023 issue cover image

Cutleaf publishes a new issue online every other week and will update readers via email so they can keep reading fresh new prose and poetry that “responds to our common experience and reflects our differences.” Recent contributions: Kathleen Gibbons reunites a father and daughter after many years apart in “I’m On Highway 1”; Jude Marr explores concepts of space and movement in three poems beginning with “Moving Continents”; George Singleton remembers what could have been lost over a conversation in his local diner in “Thanksgiving”; Matt Cashion’s characters sweat it out in a waiting room in “Love Song for the Headless”; Jennifer LoveGrove reminds us that “it’s embarrassing to still hope / to be loved” in three poems beginning with “We are all touch-me-nots now, exploding at the slightest provocation”; and Mary Winsor examines how hard it is to be at the bedside of a miracle in “Defying the Gods.”

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