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Magazine Stand :: Cutleaf – 2.5

Cutleaf literary magazine cover image

The newest issue of Cutleaf online literary journal features poetry by Zeina Azzam, revealing an emigrant’s special vocabulary in two poems beginning with “A Grammar for Fleeing.” April Darcy writes of spending her twenties in slow motion, and all the ways she learned to move again, in “The Anatomy of Desire.” And, in “Finding Funerals,” Erica Williams shares the story of a bored, though not boring, human resources specialist who completes all of her work in the morning so she can tirelessly search for strangers’ funerals to observe online in the afternoon. This issue also features W. W. Denslow’s illustrations for L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the first book in what became a fourteen-volume series.

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