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Magazine Stand :: The Wrath-Bearing Tree – November 2022

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Established by combat veterans and maintained by a diverse board of veterans, military spouses, and writers compelled by themes of social justice and human resilience, The Wrath-Bearing Tree publishes essays, reviews, fiction, and poetry on military, economic, and social violence written by those who have experienced military, economic, and social violence or their consequences. New content is published monthly on the first Monday (going seven years strong!), and the editors have numerous podcasts available on SoundCloud under The WBT. Some recent works on the site include “For the Truth is Always Awake” by Mike McLaughlin, “On Orthodox Easter in Mariupol” by Shannon Huffman, several poems by Nidhi Agarwal, “Survivor’s Paradox” by Chris Oliver. All content is free to read online. Submissions are open year-round.

Magazine Stand :: The Wrath-Bearing Tree – March 2022

The Wrath Bearing Tree logo

The March 2022 additions to The Wrath-Bearing Tree are online and ready to be enjoyed! Nonfiction: @RobBokkon with “Last of the Gonzo Boys: P.J. O’Rourke, War, and the Evolution of a Political Mind” and Mark Hummel on American paranoia in “Underground.” Poetry: Ricardo Moran, Kevin Norwood, Michael Carson. Fiction: Steven Kiernan’s narrator carries Dick Cheney’s shotgun in “War Ensemble” and Jillian Danback-McGhan’s narrator dances with a war criminal in “Allied.” The Wrath-Bearing Tree also features contributors on their YouTube channel. Check them out today!