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Magazine Stand :: Vita Poetica Journal – Summer 2023

Vita Poetica Journal Summer 2023 cover image

Vita Poetica Journal Summer 2023 issue of the online quarterly publication of creative work explored through a spiritual lens opens with the editorial “Forces of Endurance” by Caroline Langston and includes poetry by Hannah Hinsch, Paul Hostovsky, Phillip Aijian, Jack Stewart, Charles Haddox, Rachelle Scott, Sydney Hegele, Ginnie Goulet Gavrin, Joseph Byrd, Lane Falcon; fiction byd Emily Ver Steeg, James Roderick Burns; visual arts by Lucy Bell, Sarah Walko, Willy Conley. Cover art by Lucy Bell.

Features include the interview, “Art as Attention, Presence, Prayer: Visual Artist Scott Aasman” in conversation with Emily Chambers Sharpe and two reviews: “Spirit in the Dark Brings Religious Influence to Light: A Review of the Smithsonian Exhibit on Religion in Black Music, Activism and Popular Culture” by Mary Amendolia Gardner, and “To See Beyond Walls: A Review of Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard von Bingen” by Cheryl Sadowski.

There are also two Contemplative Practices, which include guided practices with recorded as well as written instructions: “A Blessing for Your Breath” by Rebekah Vickery and “Drawing Praise: A Creative Reflection on Psalm 148” by Samir Knego.

Magazine Stand :: Vita Poetica – Spring 2022

Vita Poetica online literary magazine Spring 2022 issue cover image

In their introduction to the Spring 2022 Vita Poetica Journal online literary magazine, Co-Editor Caroline Langston writes of the multitude of junctures and gaps of uncertainties in our daily lives and in the world around us. “Many of the writings in this edition of Vita Poetica seem calibrated to just this uncertain moment, and how to navigate the uncertainty seems to be the individual’s artistic task—which is then shared and multiplied with others.” Sharing with readers in this newest issue are works of Poetry by Samir Knego, Devon Balwit, Barbara Sabol, Peter Bankson, Libby Kurz, Ken Hines; Nonfiction by Ethan Ashkin Stanton, Heather Morton; Visual Art by Abigail Platter, Hang H. Lee; an Interview with Poet Libby Kurz in conversation with Emily Chambers Sharpe; and a Contemplative Practice – Zen Meditation, a YouTube video with Grace Phong which offers both instruction, insight, and guided practice. Cover Art: from Ophelia’s Baptism by Abigail Platter.