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2020 Lamar York Prize Winners

Pick up the Spring 2020 issue of The Chattahoochee Review for the winners of the Lamar York Prizes.

“With Mercy to the Stars” by Lisa Nikolidakis

“Catharsis, Diagnosis” by Rachel Toliver

The nonfiction winner was selected by judge Alice Bolin, who says the essay, “begins as straightforward memoir and blooms into something stranger and more wonderful: a treatise on the obsessive-compulsive act of storytelling, analysis of classic graphic novel, a meditation on how comics tell stories, and on how our lives, with their nonsensical, sometimes brutal vignettes resemble comics.”

Fiction judge Anthony Varallo writes that he was “drawn in from the first page, happy to be in the company of a young narrator who is just starting to glimpse the limitations of the adulthood that awaits her, as confining as the cage that houses her father’s prized bear.”

Be sure to check out these pieces for yourself in The Chattahoochee Review.

The Chattahoochee Review – Spring 2020

In this issue, poetry by Ruth Bardon, Mirande Bissell, Darren Demaree, Eli Eliahu, Stuart Gunter, Marlon Hacla, Ted Kooser, Len Krisak, Komal Mathew, and more; stories by Margherita Arco, Erin Flanagan, and more; essays by George Choundas, and others; and art by Deedee Cheriel. This issue also features the 2020 Lamar York Prize Winners: Lisa Nikolidakis in Fiction & Rachel Toliver in Nonfiction.

Chattahoochee Review Lamar York Prize Winners

The Chattahoochee Review Spring 2019 issue features the winners of the 2019 Lamar York Prize:

peter newallWinner for Fiction
Judge Kevin Wilson
“A Box of Photographs” by Peter Newall [pictured]

Winner for Nonfiction
Judge Adriana Páramo
“The Black Place” by Whitney Lawson

To read the judge’s commentary and see a full list of finalists, click here.

Entries for the Lamar York Prize are accepted from November 1 – January 31 of each year. In addition to publication, winners receive a prize of $1000.