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New Book :: Bright Shade

Bright Shade poetry by Chelsea Harlan published by Copper Canyon Press book cover image

Bright Shade
Poetry by Chelsea Harlan
Copper Canyon Press, October 2022

Winner of the 2022 American Poetry Review Honickman First Book Prize selected by Jericho Brown, Bright Shade is an appreciation of the wild woods, the rolling hills, the Appalachian air, and the little rivers that were the setting of Chelsea Harlan’s upbringing. The poems speak through the liminal space between the body and its relationships to other bodies, and the human relationship with nature—and so climate change is, inevitably, part of this book’s undercurrent of grief. As the author navigates the high highs and the low lows of manic depression, Bright Shade articulates the wonder that accompanies sadness and the sadness that accompanies joy. Chelsea Harlan’s work is humorous, indeed bittersweet (bright / shade), and a little strange in exactly the right way.

Magazine Stand :: The American Poetry Review – March/April 2022

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The newest issue of The American Poetry Review (51.2) is one many fans will want to get their hand on. Featuring new poems by numerous poets, including Sharon Olds, Kazim Ali, Sharon Olds, Edgar Kunz, Emily Lee Luan, KB Brookins, and a conversation, “Jennifers of the 1970s” between Jen Karetnick, Jennifer L. Knox, and Jennifer K. Sweeney. Visit The American Poetry Review website to read some of the publication’s content online.