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Event :: Free ELA PD 5 Days of Poetry

Ethical ELA July 2022 Open Write logo image

Every month, Ethical ELA hosts a five-day “Open Write” and invites English Language Arts teachers to join in! ELA is broadly defined to include active and retired K-12 and college/university teachers as well as teachers of English and language arts in a variety of settings. The Open Write is five days of poetry writing developed by different educators with 30 to 100 of teachers participating at various times and thousands observing and borrowing resources. Founded by Sarah Donovan in 2005, this remains a free and ad-free event. I personally participate in this event and look forward to it every month! Some months I miss, sometimes I miss a poem or two, and I know some who visit each month for the prompts but never post them to the site, and that’s okay – however you choose to approach it.

Sarah offers these simple guidelines for first-timers:

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National Writing Project Launches Write Now Teacher Studio

The National Writing Project has long been a source of support for writing teachers (K-12+), providing programs where teacher-leaders work with local teachers on developing approaches to teaching writing as well as engaging in their own writing practice. Those who have local chapters benefit from the professional development and community programming, but now NWP is expanding that opportunity by introducing an online space for teachers to connect and collaborate with writing teacher colleagues.

Write Now Teacher Studio will open on June 3, 2021, and NWP invites teachers to join a live launch event through mobile app or the web. The Write Now Teacher Studio will let teachers connect and collaborate around specific topics of interest in their teaching, attend events about writing and teaching writing, join groups to address challenges, take courses designed by experienced writing teachers, and create or join reading and writing groups.

To learn more about the Write Now Teacher Studio or to sign up for the launch, visit NWP Eventbrite Registration.