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Magazine Stand :: New Letters – Winter/Spring 2024

The Winter/Spring 2024 issue of New Letters features poetry by Albert Goldbarth, Carrie Shipers, Bruce Bond, Rebecca Foust, and others; fiction by Richard Bausch, David McGlynn, Andrew Peters and Ravi Jain; essays by Krista Eastman, Brandon Lewis, Traci Brimhall, Olivia Fantini, and Lori White; plus the winners of the New Letters Literary Awards and Editor’s Choice Award. The cover artist is Anne Austin Pearce whose work is also featured in a full-color portfolio inside this issue.

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Magazine Stand :: New Letters – Summer/Fall 2022

New Letters print literary magazine Summer Fall 2022 issue cover image

The latest issue of New Letters opens with Editor Christie Hodgen exploring Nikolai Gogol’s “The Overcoat” as well as Frank O’Connor’s analysis of it in relation to what the staff at New Letters looks for in their submissions selection – those nuances of what “transforms the short story into a true art form.” Including essays and poetry in that mix are the contributors to this issue: Daniel Chacón, Drew Calvert, Mary Rechner, Anna Schaeffer, Doug Ramspeck, Shane Stricker, Corie Rosen, Amanda Schmidt, Danielle Harms, Matthew Raymond, Lorraine Hanlon Comanor, Maria Zoccola, Kwame Dawes, Fleda Brown, Campbell McGrath, Lisa Lewis, Ted Kooser, Albert Goldbarth, Edith Lidia Clare. And, a new feature – chapbook publication, debuting with Homewrecker by Kate Northrop. Paintings and collages by Kathy Liao complete the volume.

Magazine Stand :: New Letters – Winter/Spring 2022

New Letters literary magazine winter spring 2022 issue cover image

In the Editor’s Note to this double issue (VOL. 88 NOs. 1&2) of New Letters, Christie Hodgen explores a passage from Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Dog” and concludes, “As writers, we are able to put words to what is hidden; as readers, we experience the often humbling privilege of gaining access to others’ hidden lives – a privilege we almost never experience in the real world.” In this issue, readers have the privilege to enjoy the New Letters Award Series of winning works by R.J. Lambert, Patricia Cleary Miller Award for Poetry; Rachel Coonce, Conger Beasley Jr. Award for Nonfiction; Richard Hermes, Robert Day Award for Fiction; Erin McReynolds, Editor’s Choice Award; and Jesse Lee Kercheval, Editor’s Choice Award. In addition, the issue features fiction by Nicole Hazan, Bradley Bazzle, Andrew Peters, Essay, Jillian Barnet, Chelsea B. DesAutels, P.L. Watts; poetry by Christopher Howell, Gaskin, Alicia Ostriker, Wyatt Townley, Maurya Simon, Jeremy Pulmano, John Blair, Vanesha Pravin; reviews and commentaries by Daniel A Rabuzzi, David Newkirk, Natalie Johansen, Robert Stewart; and a full-color portfolio of painting and collages by Harold Smith, whose work is featured on the cover.

New Letters – Fall 2021

New writing by Tamas Dobozy, Marcie Alexander, B.H. Fairchild, Jennifer Perrine, Heather Sellers, and Eliza Tudor. Fiction by Shubha Sunder, Andrew Porter, David Ryan, Marcie Alexander, and Maureen Aitken. Essays by Amy Day Wilkinson and Emily Ruehs-Navarro. See poetry contributors at the New Letters website.

New Letters Award Winners

woman looking at a poster for a ballet performance

In the Winter/Spring 2021 issue of New Letters, there is a whole section dedicated to award winners.

Editor’s Choice Award
“Indigent” by Elizabeth Robinson

Patricia Cleary Miller Award for Poetry
“Late Song: Time” and “The Art of the Deal” by Mark Wagenaar

Robert Day Award for Fiction
“Lobu Hoteru” by Jacob R. Weber

Conger Beasley Jr. Award for Nonfiction
“Joan” by Rebecca Young

Visit New Letters‘ website to grab a copy of this issue and learn about each of these contests.

New Letters Volume 87 Numbers 1 & 2

woman looking at a poster for a ballet performanceLiterary magazine New Letters publishes two double issues a year in print. Their Winter/Spring 2021 issue is now available for purchase and features fiction by Blair Hurley, Robert P. Kaye, Kirstin Scott, Anthony Varallo, and Leslie Blanco; essays by Carolina Avarado Molk, Emily Howorth, and Michaela Django Walsh; and poetry by Rebecca Foust, Jennifer Perrine, D.S. Waldman, Ted Kooser, Mihaela Moscaliuc, and Liane Strauss.

Also in this issue find the winners of their annual literary awards!

  • “Indigent” by Elizabeth Robinson, winner of the Editor’s Choice Award
  • Two poems by Mark Wagenaar, winner of the Patricia Clearly Miller Award for Poetry
  • “Lobu Hoteru” by Jacob R. Weber, winner of the Robert Day Award for Fiction
  • “Joan” by Rebecca Young, winner of the Beasley Jr. Award for Nonfiction

Their current awards in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction are open to entries through midnight CST on May 18! Check out the 2020 winners and don’t forget to pick up this issue and support the journal by subscribing!