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Magazine Stand :: Neon – Issue 54

Neon Literary Magazine Issue 54 cover image

Issue 54 of Neon Literary Magazine is full of stories of strange transformations and surreal futures. Readers will be taken to visit the sinister Ministry of Literature, contemplate the lives of gay frogs, ride along on the travels of the Shadow Man, and drop into a world where people can become animals in more ways than one. A selection of short stories and poems are supplemented by a haunting graphic short story by Dante Luiz and H Pueyo. The issue features works by Fiona Jefferson, Cole Brayfield, Jennie E Owen, Isabelle Marie Flynn, Devon Moody, EN Auslender, Beth Booth, Blair Hurley, Lauren Everdell, Dante Luiz & H Pueyo, Bree Wernicke, Rhonda Parrish, Ruth Niemiec, and Su Ryder. Neon is pay-what-you-want to download, and costs just £8.00 for a physical copy. In its perfect-bound format, each issue is around 90 pages and is photo-illustrated in black and white.

Sponsor Spotlight :: Neon: A Literary Magazine

black and white photograph looking up at a wind turbineNeon: A Literary Magazine is a tiny biannual journal and chapbook press. It is one of the longest-running independent literary magazines in the UK which focuses on slipstream fiction, poetry, and artwork. They publish work that is fantastical, surreal, and which crosses the boundaries between science fiction, horror, and literary fiction.

Neon publishes in print and a range of digital formats. They allow you to set your own price for a digital copy. When you purchase a print subscription (they ship to anywhere in the world!), you can addon on of their chapbooks, too. Subscribe today!

Plus, if you’re a writer, Neon is currently open to submissions. The theme of the next issue will be “Cities.” They are a paying market.

Drop by their listing on NewPages to learn more.