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Magazine Stand :: Minerva Rising – Issue 22

Minerva Rising literary magazine issue 22 cover image

Issue 22 of the print literary magazine Minerva Rising: Then and Now is a celebration of all the writers who have been published by Minerva Rising over the last ten years. The writers and poets published in this issue wrestle with what it means to be women in the world with all the complexity of life – trauma, domestic violence, aging, societal norms, mindfulness, well-being, reconciling with our past, depression, and grief. These beautiful stories, essays, and poems testify to the wisdom and creativity in every woman. They remind us that as women, we are all connected, and at Minerva Rising, our voices are not only heard but amplified. Visit the publication’s website for ordering information.

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Books :: Minerva Rising Poetry Chapbook Contest

revolution will have its sky maria garcia teutsch

Winner of Minerva Rising’s second annual Poetry Chapbook Contest with the theme “Dare to be the Woman I Am,” Maria Garcia Teutsch’s The Revolution Will Have Its Sky is now available for purchase.

Judge Heather McHugh says of her selection:

This poetry isn’t out to convert, but to advert. It doesn’t pledge allegiance or invest in transcendent causes, but rather observes signs of war, wars of sex, hexes of communication. [ . . . ] The Revolution Will Have Its Sky reminds us enlistees (whether in grays or blues, whether in wishes or words, whether in war or love) how down-and-dirty signing up can be.

Both Teutsch’s The Revolution Will Have Its Sky and runner-up Who Was I to Say I Was Alive by Kelly Nelson are both available from the Minerva Rising website.