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New Book :: Advocatus Diaboli

Advocatus Diaboli: A Novel by William Baer book cover image

Advocatus Diaboli: A Novel by William Baer
Many Words Press, June 2023

Many Words Press—an imprint of Able Muse Press—has released Advocatus Diaboli of The Catholic Themes, initiating a new series by the author of the popular Jack Colt mystery series. Advocatus Diaboli is the story of a murder mystery caught up in a canonization cause. International in scope, it unravels through Washington, DC, Rome, the Vatican, Ireland, and elsewhere. It interrogates the making and makeup of a modern-day saint, juxtaposed to forces for good or ill working to upend or uphold the cause, in the backdrop of the day-to-day failings or goodness of its cast of characters and hagiographies of related saints of the past. Baer’s Catholic experience is extensive in time and scope: he is the founding director of the St. Robert Southwell Summer Workshops and the author of Psalter: A Sequence of Catholic Sonnets.

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New Book :: Murder in Times Square

Murder in Times Square a novel by William Baer published by Many Words Press book cover image

Murder in Times Square
Fiction by William Baer
Many Words Press, February 2023

Murder in Times Square, a Deirdre Mystery, initiates a new series by the author of the popular Jack Colt mystery series: When a young woman in a red designer dress falls twenty-five stories from the roof of Times Square One, the well-known New York fashion model known as Deirdre resolves to unravel the mystery. Capable and determined, Deirdre is relentless in her drive to unravel the mystery and find justice for the victim, while protecting those she loves from looming threats. Baer, who has worked in New York City’s fashion district, showcases not only his depth of knowledge of the fashion industry but also of New York City and its landmarks and history. He weaves an intricate, fast-paced, and spellbinding narrative that takes us through New York City, Atlantic City, the Jersey Shore, and the Caribbean. In Murder in Times Square, Baer once again proves he is a master of suspense and intrigue. Many Words Press is an imprint of Able Muse Press.