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More to Enjoy from the Kenyon Review – A New Issue of KROnline + Poetry Today

Screenshot of KROnline Jan/Feb 2021 IssueDon’t forget that besides having its six print issues a year, literary magazine The Kenyon Review has a separate online component called KROnline which is published every two weeks and features innovative fiction, poetry, and essays.

The January/February 2021 KROnline is now available. The issue features three poems by Jenn Blair; “Hello, Walt Whitman” by Siamak Vossoughi; “A River Passes By Here” by Caroline Tracey; “Elation” by January Gill O’Neil; “Man Goes to Check” by Libby Flores; and “The Pupil” by Lesley Jenike.

Need more from Kenyon Review? How about checking out “Poetry Today: Emma Hine and Ignacio Carvajal” by Ruben Quesada. The Poetry Today series features living poets answering questions about poetry and poetics. You’ll get a short bio, an introduction, their thoughts on poetry’s potential, and information about their latest releases.

The Kenyon Review has so much to offer readers and writers! Don’t forget to subscribe to their journal and stop by their website for their frequent digital content.