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What's Up with the Gig Economy—Hype or Reality? By Kim Moody

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 103 Number 6, November/December 2018

Biologists say reintroducing wolves into Isle Royale National Park is a necessity. Wilderness defenders are agahst. Inside the latest conservation "Dog Fight."

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 42 Number 12, December 2018

The Plan to Block Out the Sun. Will it save the climate—or just he fossil fuel industry? By Kate Aronoff. Plus Jane Miller ponders sex under socialism.

Holiday Reading

New poems Maggie Hess, Erin Carlyle, Clare Chu, Mark Conway, Caitlin Ferguson, Sandra Kolankiewizc, Josie Levin, Mark Prudowsky, Jill Roberts, Jonathan Scruggs, and Rebecca A. Spears.

BLR's latest theme issue explores the idea of displacement, drawing from stories that range from the personal to the political, and from the familiar to the foreign. It also debuts a fresh new look for the journal. The issue features an opening essay by Ha Jin, as well as new writing from Barron H. Lerner, Myra Shapiro, Sue Ellen Thompson, Prartho Sereno, Eric Pankey, Dan Pope, Rachel Hadas, Diane Raptosh, Hilary Sideris, Mehdi M. Kashani, Yanyi, Jennifer Solheim, David Ryan, Hal Sirowitz, and many other talented writers. The issue features striking cover art by Jonathan Allen.

Creative Nonfiction #68: “Risk” explores how we balance the threat of loss against the promise of gain. Writers recall the thrill and terror of going off the high-dive and skiing alone in avalanche country (which one really shouldn’t do). They impulsively invite famous chefs over for dinner, set off on poorly planned road trips, and weigh the advantages of medicating their children. Plus, the role of litmags in the Trump era; how to “get naked” on the page; lessons from John McPhee; tiny truths; and more.

In this issue, nonfiction by Andrew Bertaina, Stephanie Schaem, and Robert Steward; fiction by Alex Clermont, Philip Gallos, C.M. Manning, William Wilcox, and more; flash fiction by David Cook, DS Levy, Lorena Swift, and others; and poetry by Linda M. Crate, Gerry Fabian, Gary Glauber, Ryan Havely, Nate Maxson, Caroline Misner, Catheryn Shea, Uma Venkatraman, and more. Plus art by Allen Forrest and Helen Geld.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 16, 2018

The 2018 issue of From the Depths features fiction and poetry by Cindy Knoebel, Elizabeth P. Buttimer, Sherry Morris, Zack Martin, Elaine Nadal, Timothy Tarkelly, Kindra McDonald, Gail Peck, Claire Scott, Rachel Lauth, Richard Alan Hadley, Jacqueline Rosenbaum, Stephanie Dickinson, Caitlin Plante, and others. With Penny Fiction by Jason Stanaland, Cheryl A. Montgomery, James Duncan, Alistair Herbert, Chelsea McGlynn, Hannah Whiteoak, Tiffany Leong, Salvatore J. Lo Monaco, Ace Moore, Sylvia Santiago, Shermie Rayne, Shelly Ironside, Jenny Wong, Riaz Jahangir, and more. Cover art inspired by the 2018 Haunted Waters Press Poetry Open winning entry "Ars Poetic How to Wear a Scarf" by Elizabeth P. Buttimer.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date November 2018 online

The November issue of The Lake is now online featuring Edilson Ferreira, Deirdre Hines, Mary Ann Honaker, Charles Rammelkamp, Angela Readman, J. R. Solonche, Tim Taylor, Sarah White, Noel Williams, Laura Winkelspecht, Katie Zychowski. Reviews of S.A. Leavesley’s How to Grow Matches and Bradley Paul’s Plasma.


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