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Brevity Nonfiction Craft Essays

Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction published online regularly features insightful craft essays with each issue. With the emphasis on “brief” (under 750 words) nonfiction, the essays allow authors more word count to explore aspects of writing. The May 2014 issue includes “Can You Hear Me Now? How Reading Our Writing Aloud Informs Audiences and Ourselves” by Kate Carroll de Gutes, “The Editor at the Breakfast Table” by Charles J. Shields – a perspective on the need for writers to both seek and be receptive to feedback, and “The Nose Knows: How Smells Can Connect Us to the Past and Lead Us to the Page” by Jeremy B. Jones, in which he explores “how our awareness of the undeniable connection between scent and the past helps us to come upon essays. How might our noses get us to the page?”

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