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Katy Haas

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Paloma Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies online

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Five-time winner of the Pacific Northwest Bookseller Award Pete Fromm returns with his new novel, a love story about family and resiliency and second chances. For young couple Taz and Marnie, their fixer-upper is the symbol of their new life together: a work in progress, a beginning, all the more so when they learn a baby is on her way. But the blueprint for the perfect life eludes Taz when Marnie dies in childbirth, plummeting him headfirst into the world of fatherhood alone. With a rich supporting cast, the novel follows Taz's first two years as a father―a job no one can be fully prepared for.

deciduous qween

June 18, 2019
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Through the creaking of bedazzled branches and the soft rustle of jeweled leaves, deciduous qween explores the queer world all around us—how we, like our environment, wear and shed different identities in our performance as human, as drag queen, as ancient tree. This collection reveals in the natural world those ephemeral moments which reflect our own truths and confront our fear of death, of loneliness, and of failure. How do our bodies and minds find equilibrium as we learn to let go, yet long to remember?

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"Creative minds experience resistance and encounter turmoil when trapped inside the confines of a utilitarian culture. Universal harmony suffers. So, what do some imaginations do? They write poems. [ . . . ] Fusek, disenchanted with the status quo, rejects the mundane [ . . . ] in favor of harmony with nature [ . . . ]. Ancient Maps and a Tarot Pack is a sensitive and image rich journey through a private but shared universe. [ . . . ].” — Alan Britt

The After-Normal

June 18, 2019
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“A” is for Australia and “A” is for Arizona, over 9,000 miles apart but sharing the same Earth. In this eccentric, intimate compendium of short environmental and personal essays, David Carlin and Nicole Walker engage in a long-distance dialogue between two writers, creating an improvisational subversion of the encyclopedia, a witty-yet-serious send-up of the concept of a survival guide. With meditations on topics ranging from bitumen to plasmodia, elephants to xeric, The After-Normal: Brief, Alphabetical Essays on a Changing Planet collects an A to Z of people, places, and phenomena to marvel at, to kick against, to let go, and to fight for.


June 18, 2019
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The poems in Bulletproof look at the joy and dread of being alive in this world.  Even pleasurable situations hold traces of danger and threat, while destructive or disturbing events contain the possibilities of redemption and beauty. Murrey has succeeded in using the direct and evocative powers of poetry to conjure up these contradictions—not so much to resolve them, but to dwell on and in them, to experience through language the wonder of being human.

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An Accident of Blood, Charles W. Brice, WordTech Editions

Adamantine, Naomi Foyle, Red Hen Press

Animal/Flame, Michelle Lewis, Conduit Books

Blackdamp, Michele Harris, David Robert Books

Crucial Blue, Madeline Mysko, Cherry Grove Collections

Did You Know?, Elizabeth S. Wolf, Rattle

Dolores in Spanish is Pain, Dolores in Lolita is a Girl, Ashley Miranda, Glass Poetry Press

Early Morning Koffee Klatch at the Egg 'n Hash Sitdown, Philip Raisor, Turning Point

Epistle, Osprey, Geri Doran, Tupelo Press

Exile Home, Mark Statman, Lavender Ink

Fingerprints, Mark Chartier, Turning Point

Human Tetris, Vi Khi Nao & Ali Raz, 11:11 Press

Immigrant Songs, Kareem Tayyar, WordTech Editions

In My Cottage, Martha Deborah Hall, Word Poetry

Intrusive Beauty, Joseph J. Capista, Ohio Unviersity Press

The Language of Bones: American Journeys through Bardic Verse, Elizabeth Spencer Spragins, Kelsay Books

The Last Note Becomes Its Listener, Jeffrey Morgan, Conduit Books

Lot for Sale. No Pigs, Sandy Green, BatCat Press

Mezzanine, Susan Kay Anderson, Finishing Line Press

The Ocean Cannot Be Blue, Kirsten Hampton, Turning Point

Patterns: Moments in Time, Carol Smallwood, Word Poetry

The People's Field, Haesong Kwon, Southeast Missouri State University Press

Perimeter Homespun, Marcia Arrieta, BlazeVOX

Phoenix: Transformation Poems, Jessica Goody, CW Books

Small Waiting Objects, T.D. Walker, CW Books

The Song of Lies, James Scannell McCormick, David Robert Books

This American Autopsy, Jose Antionio Rodriguez, University of Oklahoma Press

Time, Etel Adnan, Nightboat Books

Will There Be Music?, Sharon Olson, Cherry Grove Collections

Wings Apart, Burt Kimmelman, Dos Madres

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The After-Normal: Brief, Alphabetical Essays on a Changing Planet, David Carlin & Nicole Walker, Rose Metal Press

The Archaeology of the Holocaust: Vilna, Rhodes, and Escape Tunnels, Richard A. Freund, Rowman & Littlefield

Democracy and the Next American Economy: Where Prosperity Meets Justice, Henry A. J. Ramos, Arte Publico Press

Dream of the Water Children, Memory and Mourning in the Black Pacific, Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd, 2Leaf Press

East Texas Troubles: The Allred Rangers' Cleanup of San Augustine, Jody Edward Ginn, University of Oklahoma Press

Fatherless: A Memoir, Keith Maillard, West Virginia University Press

Me & Other Writing, Marguerite Duras, Dorothy, a publishing project

Roadside Baseball: The Locations of America's Baseball Landmarks, Chris Epting, Santa Monica Press

The San Francisco Civic Center: A History of the Design, Controversies, and Realization of a City Beautiful Masterpiece, James W. Haas, University of Nevada Press

Saving Grand Canyon, Dams, Deals, and a Noble Myth, Byron E. Pearson, University of Nevada Press

Spirituality and the Writer: A Personal Inquiry, Thomas Larson, Swallow Press

Toward Antarctica, Elizabeth Bradfield, Red Hen Press

Walt Whitman: The Measure of His Song, Ed. Jim Perlman, Ed Folsom, Dan Campion, Holy Cow! Press

Water Connections: What fresh water means to us, what we mean to water, Jim Rousmaniere, Bauhan Publishing

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The Bear, Andrew Krivak, Bellevue Literary Press

Blink If You Love Me, David Moscovich, Adelaide Books

The Color of Rock, Sandra Cavallo Miller, University of Nevada Press

A Death in Harlem, Karla FC Holloway, Northwestern University Press

Dreaming the Marsh: An Environmental Fable, Elizabeth McCulloch, Twisted Road Publications

Driving in Cars with Homeless Men, Kate Wisel, University of Pittsburgh Press

The Glass Eye, Yolanda Gallardo, Arte Publico Press

History. A Mess., Sigrun Palsdottir, Open Letter

Hurry Up and Relax, Nathan Leslie, Washington Writers Publishing House

If One of Us Should Die, I'll Move to Paris, Brandon French, Tolsun Books

This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love., Jennifer Wortman, Split Lip Press

The Translator's Bride, Joao Reis, Open Letter

You Can See More From Up Here, Mark Guerin, Golden Antelope

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The Best American Newspaper Narratives: Volume 6, Ed. Gayle Reaves, University of North Texas Press

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