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The Fourth River: A Journal of Nature & Place

Screenshot of Fourth River WebsitePublished by the MFA program in creative writing at Chatham University, Fourth River is an online and print journal focusing on nature and place-based writing. They publish “works that are richly situated at the confluence of place, space, and identity.”

Fourth River takes its name from a subterranean river beneath Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city at the confluence of three rivers. The unseen fourth river is indispensable to the city’s ecosystem. “The journal grew up from the “idea that between and beneath the visible framework of the human world and built environment, there exist deeper currents of force and meaning supporting the very structure of that world”

They publish one print issue and one online issue a year. Check out the Fall 2020 online issue, “Futures,” and don’t forget to stop by their listing on NewPages to learn more about them.

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