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SRPR 2020 Editors’ Prize Winners

Opening the latest issue of Spoon River Poetry Review are the winners of the 2020 SRPR Editors’ Prize. The placing poems are introduced by the final judge, Austin Smith.

First Place
“Disbelieving These Deaths, I Go to Sit by Lake Huron” by David Groff

“Wonders of the World” by Todd Copeland
“Field Notes: To Excavate Beyond Despair” by Erica Sofer Bodwell

Honorable Mentions
“You can have it all” by Kelsey Taylor
“In the Exhaust of an Outboard  Motor, I Talk to Myself and to Grandpa” by Cody Smith
“Dear Crossed, Did You Know That You’re Not Your Body?” by Gabriel Dozal

Find a copy of this issue at SRPR‘s website.

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