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News from The Louisville Review

The Louisville Review has some announcements! In addition to the release of Issue 88 featuring poetry, short fiction and (K-12) poetry, the editors have also announced their Pushcart nominees:

from The Louisville Review, No. 87, Spring 2020
“If a Fox” by Luke Wallin
“Institutional Lies” by Frank X Walker

from The Louisville Review, No. 88, Fall 2020
“Mama, I Need Some Money” by Jim Bellar
“Let No One Fear Me” by Lori Ann Stephens

from The Louisville Review, No. 88, Fall 2020
“Rebuilding the Temple: Higashi Honganji, Kyoto” by Greg Pape
“Human Head, Dream” by Milica Mijatović
Congrats and good luck to the nominees!

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