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Frontier Winter Poetry Lab

This past spring, Frontier Poetry ran their first Poetry Lab, and they’re back with another one this winter.

With this online space, your work will be read and edited by editor-partners Jenny Molberg, Kathleen Volk Miller, Rob MacDonald, and Mike Good.

Digital versions of Frontier‘s poetry chapbooks: How Often I Have Chosen Love by Xiao Yue Shan, Shadow Black by Naima Tokunow, and In the Year of Our Making & Unmaking by Frederick Speers will be paired with guided learning materials about crafting your own chapbook.

Participants will also receive over 40 pages of submission advice from editors from a selection of other literary magazines. Frontier promises to “send you a dozen great places that could be a good fit for your particular voice. Every participant will get individualized recommendations from our experienced team.”

You can learn more about the poetry lab at Frontier‘s website and register for the $299 lab through their Submittable. The deadline to register is November 30.

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