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Magazine Stand :: Tint Journal – Spring 2023

Tint Journal Spring 2023 cover image

The online literary magazine Tint Journal Spring 2023 includes 25 new stories and poems by authors from 23 different countries who choose to write in English as their non-native, or second language. Tint Journal‘s issues are not themed, yet – reflecting the state of the current world – most texts in this particular issue deal with relationships, to place, history, teachers, students, relatives, neighbors and with the relationship to oneself. Tint also just relaunched their entire website. Now, visitors can find an interactive worldmap on the landing page, showing the geographical backgrounds of almost 200 authors that the magazine has assembled to date.

Authors in Tint Spring ’23: Eniola Abdulroqeeb Arówólò, Isabella Cruz Pantoja, Italo Ferrante, Jee Ann Marie E. Guibone, Douglas Jern, Yael Kastel, Caroline Kuba, Daniel Loebl, Gershom Gerneth Mabaquiao, Ethel Maqeda, Jael Montellano, George Nevgodovskyy, Adriana Oniță, Mandira Pattnaik, Karolina Pawlik, Ranjiet, Neha Rayamajhi, Philipp Scheiber, Oindri Sengupta, Leyla Shukurova, Bianca Skrinyar, Leah Soeiro Nentis, Wambui Waldhauser, J.M. Wong, Huina Zheng.

Each text contribution was published with a visual artwork by international artists (curated by Vanesa Erjavec) and a short interview with the author. Many of the texts can also be heard as audio clips, read by the writers themselves.

Artists in Tint Spring ’23: Angelica Atzin Garcia, Suresh Babu, Lena Baloch, Leslie Benigni, Jack Bordnick, Michaela Caskova, Nathan Cho, Kate Choi, Suzette Dushi, Vanesa Erjavec, Gianluca Fascetto, Karen Fitzgerald, Diamante Lavendar, Serge Lecomte, Anton Mandych, Adriano Marinazzo, Megan Markham, Alexiane Montpetit, Adriana Oniță, Linnea Ryshke, Virgil Suárez, Claire Townsend, Rebecca Unz.

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