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Magazine Stand :: Tint Journal – Fall 2022

Tint Journal online literary art magazine Fall 2022 issue cover image

The online literary magazine for non-native English creative writing, Tint Journal Founder and Editor-in-Chief Lisa Schantl introduces the newest issue focusing on the English language and the roles it can play as a mode of expression both literary and political. This eighth issue of Tint Journal was thematically open and drew submissions from a broad range of geographical backgrounds, from South Africa to Germany, from Japan to Cuba, and Ukrain. “Thematically, the issue is just as diverse,” Schantl notes, “and readers will be confronted with big questions like What is home? What does freedom mean? How can peace be found? Mingled with these are texts in the style of magical realism, texts with a focus on semantics and yet other texts that tell of loss, love or nostalgic childhood memories.”

Each text contribution was published with a visual artwork by international artists, curated by Vanesa Erjavec, and a short interview with the author. Many of the texts can also be heard as audio clips, read by the writers themselves.

Authors in Tint Fall ’22: Fiction: Alla Barsukova, Min “Matthew” Choi, M.M. Coelho, Linda Dedkova, Volha Kastsiuk, Daniel Ogba, Sergii Pershyn, Helia S. Rethman. Nonfiction: Aysel K. Basci, Kaori Fujimoto, Viktoriia Grivina, Brinda Gulati, Lázaro Gutiérrez, Fezeka Mkhabela, Bianca-Olivia Nita, Hantian Zhang. Poetry: Pragya Dhiman, Giulia Ottavia Frattini, Natalia Kropp, Chanlee Luu, Constance Mello, Giada Pesce, Akhila Pingali, Sunday T. Saheed, Joris Soeding.
Artists in Tint Fall ’22: Xisha Angelova, Julia Barczewska, Lal Buraans, Nathan Cho, Kate Choi, Alison Cimmet, Trevor Coppersmith, Tamir David, Anastasia Dzyba, Tataru Alexandra Emanuela, Vanesa Erjavec, Vanesa Erjavec, Pedro Gomes, Inga Gurgenidze, Lisa Hopf, Jury Judge, Tamzin Merivale, Sofie Pasheva, Arusyak Pivazyan, Ipung Purnomo, Peter Rieser, Ana Rincon, Val Smets, Ilias Tsagas, Rabail.

All texts from this and past issues can be read free of charge at www.tintjournal.com.

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