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Magazine Stand :: The Gettysburg Review – 34.3

The Gettysburg Review 34.3 cover image

The third edition of The Gettysburg Review Volume 34 features paintings by Marjorie Thompson, fiction by Linda Mannheim, Jess Jelsma Masterton, Benjamin Powell, Zara Karschay, Gen Del Raye, and Asha Thanki; essays by Talley V. Kayser, Kathryn Nuernberger, Bradley Bazzle, and Rebecca McClanahan; poetry by Alice Friman, Karin Gottshall, David Moolten, Cody Smith, Esther Lin, Michael Waters, Chelsea Hill, Fleda Brown, M. K. Foster, Heather Christle, Afua Ansong, Jeremy Radin, Brian Swann, Nick Lantz, Joseph J. Capista, Christopher Howell, and Bruce Beasley. A complete table of contents as well as subscription and single-copy purchase information can be found on their website.

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