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Magazine Stand :: The Gettysburg Review – 34.1

The Gettysburg Review literary magazine v34 n1 2022 cover image

Issue 34:1of The Gettysburg Review features paintings by Carrie Moyer, fiction by Leila Mohr, Holly Beth Pratt, Corey Campbell, Allison Field Bell, and Victoria Campbell; essays by Magin LaSov Gregg, Jenny Catlin, E. G. Cunningham, and Christina Pugh; poetry by Laura Read, Michael Pearce, Linda Pastan, Katharine Jager, Danny Duffy, Anne-Marie Thompson, Hannah Craig, David Kutz-Marks, Meghan Maguire Dahn, Michael Homolka, Caroline Crew, Jill Gonet, Keith Leonard, Jacob Sunderlin, Wendy Guerra, Dorothy Chan, Michael Lavers, John Poch, Frank Paino, Cindy King, Caleb Braun, Calgary Martin, and William Olsen.

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