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Magazine Stand :: EVENT – 52.1

EVENT 52.1 cover image

EVENT 52.1 features the 2022 Non-Fiction Contest winners introduced by Judge Jenny Heijun Wills who selected Carolyn Chung’s “Black Pill” for 1st Place, Shane Neilson’s “Differential” for 2nd Place, and Eun Yoon’s “Real Magic” for 3rd Place. The issue also include new poetry by Shannon Barry, Michael Onsando, Laura Zacharin, Tanis MacDonald, Ruth E. Walker, Richard Brait, Deepa Rajagopalan, Joelle Barron, Nancy Huggett, Wendy Weseen, Rhona McAdam, Nancy Jo Cullen, Susan Glickman, Karin Hedetniemi, Y.S. Lee, Kagan Goh, Natasha Sanders-Kay, Louise Carson, Samantha Jones, Angela Long, Courtney Bates-Hardy, J Tate Barlow, fiction by Nadja Lubiw-Hazard, and illustrations by Nora Kelly. Cover art: “Yves Tanguay Skies” by Wade Comer.

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