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Magazine Stand :: EVENT – 51.1

Event literary magazine issue 51.1 cover image

The newest issue of EVENT print publication of poetry and prose features their 2021 Non-Fiction Contest finalists with introductory commentary by Judge David A. Robertson, who writes, “in the end, that’s what writing stories is all about: connecting. You connect with your readers. They connect with something within themselves or to each other.” The winning entries: 1st Place “Penance” by Cayenne Bradley; 2nd Place “All My Love, Alex” by Vicki McLeod; 3rd Place“One Route, Over and Over” by Nicole Boyce. Also included in this issue is Poetry by Matsuki Masutani, Julian Gunn, Russell Thornton, Laurie D. Graham, Vincent McGillivray, Mark O. Goodwin, Zoe Landale, Kate Marshall Flaherty, Dan MacIsaac, J.G. Chayko, and Erin Kirsh; Fiction by Brian Moore, Joel Fishbane, and Adrian Markle; and numerous reviews of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. The next deadline for EVENT‘s 2022 Non-Fiction Contest is October 15. More details on their website here.

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