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ZYZZYVA Hits 100th Issue

The Spring & Summer 2014 of ZYZZYVA marks 100 issues. “So now, 100 issues in, having persevered through many a difficult time and may a close call, our hope is to keep this journal thriving and vibrant for as long as we can,” write Editors Laura Cogan and Oscar Villalon. “In an environment crowded with dazzling and questionable new technologies, ZYZZYVA asserts the cerebral and tactile pleasures of reading, of holding a well-bound book in your hands, of losing—and finding—yourself in the pages of a story. . . . We hope you will join us in celebrating 100 issues of preeminent and daring literary publishing, of Pulitzer winners and poet laureates, of the finest contemporary minds and astonishing raw talent, and twenty-nine years of cultivating a cultural community around the arts and letters.”

The issue features fiction by Ron Carlson, Daniel Handler, Michelle Latiolais, Paul Madonna, Scott O’Connor, Erika Recordon; nonfiction by Katie Crouch, Jim Gavin, Glen David Gold, Jonathon Keats; poetry by Dan Alter, Valerie Bandura, Noah Blaustein, Christopher Buckley, and more.

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