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You are Never the Same Reader Twice

In the latest issue of Salamander, Jennifer Barber makes a great point in her editor’s note: “A literary journal, with its many disparate voices and visions, is not something you absorb in one sitting. Maybe you’ll read five or six poems, or two or three short stories, before laying it aside, picking it up again a few days or weeks later. In between, you’ll have changed in barely perceptible ways.  A conversation with a friend; a song you heard on the radio; some moment of insight you’ve stumbled on: each will have an effect. In this sense, you are never the same reader twice.”

In this issue, you’ll find pieces from Stephen Ackerman, Pam Bernard, Andrea Cohen, Rita Gabis, Danielle Legros Georges, George Kalogeris, Ellen Kaufman, Jacquelyn Pope, Anna Ross, Tara Skurtu, and more.

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