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Writing Wanted: For/From Typhoon Haiyan

From the Editors of Broadsided Press: “Typhoon Haiyan has been in the news. We have read and watched and want to offer what we can, in poetry and art, in response. When such world events grip us, we put forth a ‘Resposnes’ feature from Broadsided Press. At Broadsided Press, we believe art and literature are as necessary as the news to understanding the world. They demonstrate the vitality of our interconnectedness. Three Broadsided artists, Maura Cunninghamm, Ira Joel Haber, and Cheryl Gross have shared images for you to respond to in words. DEADLINE for writing is December 15, 2013. We will select the final collaborations and publish them in late December. Visit www.broadsidedpress.org to get the full guidelines and images.”

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