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Writers 57 and Over

Nimrod International Journal‘s current issue is dedicated to writers that are ages 57 and older and is called “Lasting Matters.” Francine Ringold writes in her editor’s note, “Good words are always lasting, so are good people. They last in our memory and on the page. But why 57? Amazing as it may seem to those who know the typical history of ‘lit mags’ (2 to 10 years at most), this fall 2013 Nimrod International Journal will be celebrating its 57th year of continuous publication. With the guidance and dedication of our advisory and editorial boards, Nimrod promises to last another 57 years or more.

The issue features poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by Ted Kooser, Stephen Dunn, Lorna Crozier, Ron Wallace, Jennifer Compton, Ivy Dempsey, Harry Humes, Jean Esteve, Jeff Gundy, Roberta Murphy, CJ Muchhala, Vince Sgambati, Lee Sharkey, Anita Skeen, Lilvia Soto, Mary Lee Wladrom, Jack Wolfteich, and more.

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