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Writer Advice :: Fellowships

From the blog Growing Great Writers from the Ground Up comes this unselfish advice for writers looking for new outlets and support resources:

Don’t Discount Yourself
Most of us writers come from humble backgrounds, which consist, more or less, of some training and a whole lot of heart. But in order for us to excel, we have to use the latter to increase — exponentially — the former. One way to train harder and smarter is to aggressively pursue fellowships.

What often stops us, however, is that humble background, which I call the Lowly Worm Complex. If you, too, suffer from I’m probably not good enough, get over it and start applying for the numerous creative writing fellowships.

The post goes on to look at why you should apply and some fellowship resources. A very generous post considering the competitive nature of fellowships. Proof positive that we are in this together and can look out for “our own.”

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