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Wine & Stories :: 2nd Story Monthly & Annual Festival

“The best stories I’ve ever heard come from hanging out with friends over a good bottle of wine. That’s when people really start talking, really get to the meat of their experiences—the wild beauty of it all, the destruction and the hope. That’s the feeling we’re going for: the crowd at Webster’s Wine Bar has the intimacy of my own living room and the crazy, wine-warm secrets that have been told there.”
—Megan Stielstra, Director of Story Development

“2nd Story is a hybrid performance event combining storytelling, wine, and music that is produced by the Serendipity Theater Collective as both a Monthly Performance Series and an Annual Festival. A typical 2nd Story evening goes something like this: you hang out with your friends at Webster’s Wine Bar and eat and drink and make merry, and four or five times during the night, the lights go down, a spot comes up on somebody—maybe the person sitting next to you!—and they tell you a story. It’s a great time, and our hope is that if we do our job right, you’ll leave telling your own stories.”

View a schedule of monthly meetings as well as videocasts from previous readings.

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