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What’s Your Normal?

What’s Your Normal?” is a series of personal essays, accompanied by resource lists, highlighting the different kinds and forms of identities within Asian Pacific American populations. The essays were started following the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on August 5, 2012.

An Asian Pacific American Library Association member sent an e-mail with basic information about Sikhism and links to resources asking for it to be shared with the public. From that, that APALA began accepting stories from the public that “give insight into your identity(ies) or what is normal for you.”

The essays are published on the APALA website at regular intervals in the features section, with the resources lists being compiled in the resource section on the site. The APALA does this “Because we want to learn about you and from each other. Because we want to showcase the diversity within APA populations. Because we want to create resource lists that will be useful to librarians, other information professionals, and the general public.”

For information about submitting essays and accessing resources, visit the APALA website.

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