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What is Story?

Story magazine, like a story passed on over time, has evolved. It started in 1931, lasting until 1964, as “the most important literary short fiction publication, founding editors Martha Foley and Whit Burnett discovering and publishing … storytelling greats,” write Vito Grippi and Travis Kurowski. Then it was revived by Lois Rosenthal, running from 1989 to 2000. Now, it’s in the hands of Kurowski and Grippi: “As great as the original Story was, we don’t want to recreate that magazine; though short fiction holds a singular place in contemporary letters, our net is wider. We hope for a diversity of narrative mirroring our contemporary, transnational lives: memoirs, interviews, superhero poetry, sci-fi, case studies, maps, machines.”

The first issue under their reign is double-sided, with two different covers and two different sets of writing. Side A features work from Andrew Malan Milward, Mary Miller, K. Silem Mohammad, Tao Lin, and Marinaomi, and Side B’s cover boasts “Hand Models Run Amok!” and “Family Caught Hiding Dreamers!” and “New Gadgets to Hook up? Jim Shepard Tells All!” It’s hard to believe it’s only 8 bucks. And if you scan the QR code inside, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download a digital copy for free.

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