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What is Going on in Arizona?!

Plan targets anti-Western lessons
Some fear loss of diversity in lawmaker’s education proposal

By Matthew Benson
The Arizona Republic
April 17, 2008

Arizona public schools would be barred from any teachings considered counter to democracy or Western civilization under a proposal endorsed Wednesday by a legislative panel.

Additionally, the measure would prohibit students of the state’s universities and community colleges from forming groups based in whole or part on the race of their members, such as the Black Business Students Association at Arizona State University or Native Americans United at Northern Arizona University. Those groups would be forbidden from operating on campus.

The brainchild of Rep. Russell Pearce, the measure appeared as an amendment to Senate Bill 1108, which originally would have made minor changes to the state’s Homeland Security advisory councils. The House Appropriations Committee approved the new proposal on a 9-6 vote.

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