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What an Introduction

From Rick Rofihe at Anderbo.com: “Not accepted for the NYU MFA writing program, Harvard Law grad Jessica Pishko will enter Columbia’s in the fall — read her award-winning short story ‘Izzi Accepts a Bagel From Her Mother’ on Anderbo.” How can you not go and check that out? Here’s a bit more incentive:

Izzi definitely had her doubts, and she had tried calling once to tell her mother about it.

“Matt—how’s Matt?” her mother asked.

“He’s OK, I guess, I’m just not sure sometimes.”

“What, what do you mean?”

“Well, I just feel like he doesn’t understand me very well…I can’t explain it any better, I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean?”

“He just doesn’t understand me, I can just tell, it’s terrible, I’m sorry. I feel really bad about it, he means well.”

“Honey, who would understand you?”

Izzi picked up a framed photograph of her and her mother at Christmas; in it they were both wearing blue and have the same eyes. She threw it across the room and it shattered.

“What’s that?” her mother asked.

“Nothing, Mom, I just dropped a glass.”

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