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WANTED: English Lit Web Resources

Contributions solicited for a new web resource on teaching English literature at the college/university level.

Possible contributions include but are not limited to:

Reviews of books, blogs and other resources;
Personal essays on teaching lit at the college/university level;
Sample Assignments and/or syllabi, commentary on successful courses;
Course design and planning ideas;
Incorporating technology successfully;
Hints and advice for new instructors;

Suggestions for links: Do you blog on topics related to teaching college/university-level English literature or edit a journal on a related topic, print or online? What sites are particularly helpful in your course planning and teaching? Please send a link and description.

Queries and suggestions welcome: rpigeon at csusb dot edu

Extended deadline: September 15 for consideration for the initial launch of the site; on-going project, so contributions after that date will also be welcome. Please include a brief bio and contact info.

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