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Verse Wisconsin Changes

Verse Wisconsin announces, in their most recent issue, that it will be the last summer issue printed. Starting in 2013 they will move to a biannual cycle, to be published in fall and spring. “This change will allow us to pay some attention to our press, Cowfeather, not to mention enjoy a few more summer evenings with our families and friends,” say Co-Editors Sarah Busse and Wendy Vardaman. “As much as we’re looking forward to publishing a few more books each year, we will miss sending out this gift of verse and voice to you each midsummer.”

They say that this last issue focuses on community, saying that they imagine that the poems “form their own sort of community of voices, which will thread its way through your summer days.” An online version of this issue features “brief essays by poets describing their various communities and community-oriented projects” as well as poems excerpted from the 2013 Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar, published by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, “an organization that exists primarily to create community among poets across the state.”

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