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Versal Turns Ten!

From Versal Editor Megan M. Garr:

In 2002, one Australian and two Americans walked into a bar. They came out with Amsterdam’s first international literary and arts journal.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Versal. Boom.

Publishing an incredible range of the world’s literary and art talent, and widely acclaimed for its strong and wide-reaching aesthetic and innovative design, Versal is now celebrating the arrival of its 10th edition. The drumroll towards this exciting milestone started in March when Versal was awarded first place in the 26th annual New York Book Show. And the editors of Versal are in the mood to celebrate.

Versal was started as part of a volunteer effort to build a vibrant and inclusive, international literary community in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2002, the team behind Versal has organized readings and events, festivals, workshops and writing groups, including, most recently, the Amsterdam shows of the world-famous Literary Death Match.

Today, thanks to years of dedication on the part of Versal‘s local editorial team, Amsterdam is now home to a healthy literary scene, with many groups, organizations, writers, and even publishers. Versal‘s 10-issue milestone, therefore, also marks 10 years of this growing, successful community.

Join us in toasting to 10 years of our literary community and its flagship Versal: Wednesday, May 23 at BoCinq. Free entry, but RSVP only. Doors open at 7pm. The dress code is “gold tie”. Full details and RSVP here.

Leading up to the launch, Versal‘s founder and editor Megan M. Garr is writing a series about being its editor for the last ten years. Follow her here.

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