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Utne Award Nominees

Nominees for the 19th Annual Utne Independent Press Awards 2007

“We began by upending the orderly shelves of our library, corralling some 1,300 magazines, newsletters, journals, alt weeklies, and zines into wobbly stacks. Then we dug in to read articles that we might have missed during the year and to reread our favorites—everything from gritty newsprint publications to polished perfect-bound journals. After much deliberation, debate, and a bit of teeth-gnashing, we whittled it all down to 111 standouts.

“Even after 19 years, the Utne Independent Press Awards still manage to surprise and delight our editorial staff—and we trust our readers will be similarly sated. Not only did we consider a vast catalog of longtime heavyweights, we unearthed a host of new darlings and pulled more than a few dark horses into the final stretch.”

See the full list at Utne online.

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