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Utah State University Student Reviews

In response to a call for reviewers, I heard from two university professors who offered to have their students write literary magazine reviews for NewPages. The first group of reviews came from Kathlene Postma at Pacific University in Oregon, and the second, posted in March and forthcoming in April, are from Professor Jennifer Sinor at Utah State University. Sinor provided the following statement on her students:

“The journal reviewers from Utah State University are all graduate students, many of whom also teach introductory level writing courses to first and second year students. Several have interned with Isotope: A Literary Journal of Nature and Science Writing and with Western American Literature. As part of their creative nonfiction workshop, students had the opportunity to read some of the best writing being published by small and literary presses. They were impressed by the quality and diversity found in the journals, as well as by the exciting use of image. The Utah State University reviewers can be reached by contacting their instructor, Jennifer Sinor: jennifer.sinor-at-usu-dot-edu”

The student reviews are noted by the addition of “Utah State Univeristy” or “Pacific State University” after the reviewer’s name. Check out what these avid readers, current editors, and up-and-coming writers have to say about the publications.

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