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Two Words: New Blog on Lit and Translation

A note from Scott Esposito from The Center for the Art of Translation announcing a new blog, Two Words:

We’re eager to make the blog a resource for people who love literature, especially the translated variety. Already there are a number of interesting articles up, and in the next few months we’ll be publishing interviews with authors and translators, original articles written just for Two Words, and news on international authors.

You’ll also find links to audio from our series of events in San Francisco. We’re working on making several years’ of audio available, and you can currently hear people like Edith Grossman, Robert Hass, and Yoko Tawada talk about literature and translation.

To give an idea of what to expect on Two Words, here are some recent posts:

Susan Bernofsky on translation

Jose Manuel Prieto on diamond forgery and his novel Rex

Yerra Sugarman on the Yiddish modernist poet Celia Dropkin and her ties to Sylvia Plath

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