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Tribute to Robert Von Hallberg

The Chicago Review (55:3/4) includes a feature of ten essays which mark the retirement of Robert Von Hallberg from the University of Chicago. “They are all by former staff members of Chicago Review, who also completed dissertations under his supervision. The essays all address some aspect of poetry’s relation to power.” The essays include:

Devin Johnston, “The Needs of Ghosts: On Poems from the Margins of Thom Gunn’s Moly”
Elizabeth Arnold, “The Rhythm of the Actual in Basil Bunting’s ‘Chomei at Toyama'”
Alan Golding, “Louis Zukofsky and the Avant-Garde Textbook”
Mark S. Morrisson, “Ezra Pound, the Morada, and American Regionalism”
Matthias Regan, “Remembering Edward Dorn”
Robert Huddleston, “Myth and Education”
Andrea Scott, “Gerhard Falkner’s Ground Zero
Lynn Keller, “‘Post-Language Lyric’: The Example of Juliana Spahr”
Peter O’Leary, “Apocalypticism: A Way Forward for Poetry”
Keith Tuma, “After the Bubble”

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