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THEMA’s 25th Anniversary

THEMA‘s Spring 2013 issue marks the magazine’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, the theme is “White Wine Chilling,” and Editor Virginia Howard encourages you to “drink a toast to THEMA Literary Journal!”

What started as a game among friends in 1988 at a Chinese restaurant has now evolved into the popular themed magazine. “We would each write a story based on the fortunes printed in the fortune cookies received that day. We invited other literary friends to join us,” writes Howard. “This mental exercise turned out to be such a pleasure that it fueled our curiousity. How would other authors handle the same theme? And what about other unusual themes? . . . And how would various imaginations react to them? We had to know!”

Featured in this issue are D’Ann Gunn, Norbert Petsch, Dennis Trujillo, Corrine D’Italia, Debbie Okun Hill, Gary R. Hoffman, Lorraine Merrin, Marvin Thrasher, Sandra Storey, Elinor Davis, Susan Shaw Sailer, Norman Weddle, Ronald Edwin Lane, Judy Swann, J. F. Pierce, Stefanie Freele, James B. Nicola, and Suszanne Stuhaug,

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