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the Unrorean’s New Editor

Begun as an answer to Aurorean editor Cynthia Brackett-Vincent’s frequent quandary, “I wish this fit the Aurorean!”, the Unrorean publishes poems that are too long, too dark or too experimental for the Aurorean’s format. Its tagline: “$2 each U.S. (less than a cup of gourmet coffee & more satisfying). One-year subscription {2 issues} $4 U.S. (much more satisfying than just one issue!). There are no formal guidelines or deadlines, & we do not send proofs. Work sent solely to the Unrorean is not acknowledged (but we promise to take good care of your poems).”

Now, the Unrorean welcomes Devin McGuire as Editor as it expands readership and visibility as a small-press broadsheet. Cynthia Brackett-Vincent will be behind the scenes as Managing Editor.

Its format: 11×17; laser-printed; folded into 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Various colors. 2-4 11×17 pages. Although there are no formal guidelines for the Unrorean, material submitted from approximately January-June is considered for the Summer/Fall issue and material submitted from approximately July-December is considered for the Winter/Spring issue.

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