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The Migration Issue

The Fall 2013 issue of Ecotone explores the idea of migration with a special themed issue. “No matter the rate of travel, every migration has an end point,” writes Editor Anna Lena Phillips, “whether it’s the boughs of an eastern hemlock or the arms of one’s family.” The issue features Clarisse Hart on diminishing hemlocks, Jan Martijn Burger’s point of origin, Chiori Miya after the tsunami, Andreas Franke’s sinking world, Tim Stallmann’s maps of where people stay, plus new fiction from Elliot Ackerman, Molly Antopol, Juan Martinez, Matthew Schultz, and Andrew Tonkovich and new poetry from Lilah Hegnauer, Hailey Leithauser, Sandra Meek, Dough Rampseck, Martha Silano, Heidi Lynn Staples, Molly Tenenbaum, Lesley Wheelr, and Carolyn Beard Whitlow.

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