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The Creative Process

Orange Coast Review‘s 2010 issue is focused on “The Creative Process.” The Editors write: “What’s astounding about the process is that sometimes, though the poem or story doesn’t come out the way we’d hoped, it actually comes out better. What at the moment we finish seems like a monstrosity, turns out to have, like Frankenstein’s creation, more humanity, insight and compassion than the original concept. And sometimes it just sucks. So we begin again.”

While the Editors believe the writing in this issue are all “wonderful creations,” their interest lead them to ask contributors to comment on the creative process for each. So, included with each work is the author’s “thoughtful, sometimes playful, sometimes tortured response,” which are insightful, inspiring a sense of camaraderie and in some, awe.

[Cover art: Little Red Riding Wolf by Gary Hesketh]

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