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Text as Art: Other C/lutter

Other Clutter is an online gallery space designed to explore “text as art”. Taking inspiration from the visual poetry of bpNichol and Steve McCaffrey the site has set out to examine text (words, letters, phrases, sentences, found text, pictures etc.) as an inherently visual space.

Contributors are often artists and poets who view language and its component parts as visual objects that lend themselves to shifting meanings and therefore recognize that words visually contain multiple entryways into understanding. Other Clutter is a space for both writers and artists to dismantle and reconstruct the political and representational overtones of text and art.

Other C/lutter also sponsors The Scream Literary Festival, July 2-13 in Toronto, for which they are seeking art submissions for gallery display.

[Image: from (th)ink: a collaboration between andrew topel and john m. bennett]

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