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Terrain.org’s New Face

Exciting new things are happening over at Terrain.org, a literary magazine that “publishes editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, hybrid forms, articles, videos, reviews, an interview, the ARTerrain gallery, and the UnSprawl case study.” Now, Terrain.org has a newly designed website that makes it easier to move through genres while “continuing with [their] image-rich and multimedia focus.” And indeed, the new website is much more image heavy, with rolling landscape pictures that help emphasize the theme of the journal. There’s also a cleaner font and easier-to-read layout. I’d say it’s a nice move forward for the magazine.

In other news, they’ve also switched from putting out issues to publishing on more of a rolling basis, currently with three or four contributions per week. Another minor change is that the blog is now part of the site, instead of hosted at a separate URL.

The latest contributions include three poems by Beth McDermott, a video essay about glaciers by Nancy Lord and Irene Owsley, an interview with Derrick Jensen, and some reviews and recommended reads. Check it out here.

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