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Survivor Chronicles Online

Survivor Chronicles is a small independent publication dedicated to trauma release, healing and survival. We are mostly a poetry magazine, but also invite short fiction/non fiction as we acknowledge the fact that many writers/artists are more comfortable expressing themselves through other styles.

We want to hear from you:

•If you have survived a major trauma, or are in the process of surviving it.
•If someone close to you has survived a major trauma or is in the process of surviving it.
•If you are a social worker or health worker or any other professional and have seen trauma at close range.
•If you are a writer or artist who deeply empathizes with the human condition and can portray trauma and its process and/or effects honestly and sensitively.
•If you are a photographer who has documented trauma and its survival.

Here are some general submission guidelines:

•We prefer shorter pieces to longer ones, owing to the attention span of the average internet reader.
•We love poetry, and occasionally well crafted short fiction, and are also interested in analytical opinion pieces (non fiction) and musings about trauma survival and its relationship with leading a meaningful life.
•In the body of an email, paste 1-5 poems, or short fiction/non fiction within 1500 words.
Artists and photographers can send 1-5 pieces for consideration; email •as separate attachments.

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