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Sunday Beer Talk

Since putting up the “Buy NewPages a Pint” link, we have received a few donations – THANKS! It may seem silly, but it’s fun to find those notices in the mailbox among the daily spam. No amount is too small to make us smile and feel appreciated!

What’s NewPages drinking? Luckily enough, we live within walking (stumbling?) distance of the bar district in our town. Wait, luck? No, actually, we planned it that way when we moved here. “Walking distance to the bars” was on our list of new home requirements. Where we lucked out was finding, also within walking distance, a party store unlike other corner beer shops. The guy who owns this place likes to stock unique beers, wine and liquors, so when we stop in, we’re bound to be walking out with something we’ve never tried before.

Lately, we’ve been hooked on He’brew: The Chosen Beer from Schmaltz Brewing. The Messiah Bold is a nice ale, and the Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A. is indeed to die for – a rye-based double IPA “brewed with an obscene amount of malt & hops.” Obscene just barely begins to describe how good this beer is, but at five bucks a bottle – even though it’s a big bottle – it’s a bit of a luxury beer.

Another couple we’ve tried recently are from Unibroue, who’s motto is “Drink less. Drink better.” They don’t make a beer under 5.5% alcohol. We’ve tried the La Fin Du Monde, which is a triple-style golden ale, and Maudite, an amber-red ale. Both very good and neither losing taste to the alcohol content, which some high-content beers will do.

Our current twelve-pack beers just to have on hand (it is football season, you know) are Guinness, Bass and Stella (“Stella!”). Stella is new on our list, and we don’t know how we didn’t know about it for so long. What a great beer to have on hand. Or rather, IN hand. And in case you’re thinking we’re some kind of beer snobs around here, well, we are. But hey, I grew up on sneaking sips of my dad’s Falstaff (and trying to solve the rebus puzzles printed on the caps), so I still maintain a taste for flavored water: Stroh’s and Busch Lite are my slummer beers. As much as I hate Miller products, I also have to admit, I really like their Chill beer. It sounds disgusting – a lime and salt flavored beer – but it did hit the spot this summer! To steal another beer’s line: Brilliant!

That said, readers, any recommendations are welcome. We tend to favor IPAs and ESBs, nothing overly sweet. Tell us what you’re drinking out there, especially ye small brews, and we’ll ask our corner shop guy if he can get it for us.


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